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7 Quick Fixes for a Fast-Selling Home

In a fast-moving market like Orlando, where real estate can range far and wide, it is important to have your house stand out! Here’s some golden tips to help make buyers stop and consider your home:

Polish your curb appeal
First impressions are everything! Even more so when buyers are scrolling through property pictures online. Keeping the lawn groomed, hedges trimmed, or even a power wash of the house exterior and/or driveway can greatly enhance your home’s visual appeal. It could be the difference between catching someone’s eyes to further look into your property listing or skipping the listing completely.

Enrich or Neutralize with Color
Plain walls? Think about adding an accent color to the room either through furniture or a single wall. Likewise, if your dining room is a bright fuschia, or otherwise any other bold color, perhaps think about repainting with neutral colors. The safest option is to neutralize all walls to better fit buyer preferences. Your goal is to set the stage and make your home appeal to the broadest spectrum of buyers possible.

Upgrade the Kitchen and Bath
Upgrading your kitchen and bathroom doesn’t necessarily require you to take out a loan and spend weeks in renovations. In the majority of cases, only an estimated 88% of your renovation costs are recovered. Paint cabinets, switch out the countertop, buy new appliances, whatever it is you choose to do, updating your kitchen in some way is always a crowd pleaser!

Add crown molding
Adding crown molding can accentuate the overall style and feel of your home. With the proper selection, you can add a flare of elegance and depth with just a simple fixture!

Buff up hardwood floors
By buffing and polishing your hardwood floors, you can refresh the look of your home! With years of use, wooden floors tend to become scratched and dulled. Hire a professional and renew your floors to make potential buyers say, “wow!” as soon as they walk in.

Clean out, Organize Closets
Often overlooked when preparing the house for sale, decluttering your closets can make a world of a difference! Take this time to begin preparing for your move, pack up half of your closet and place it in storage or your garage. Extra space in your closet allows buyers to truly visualize and determine how the space will fit their needs.

Repair Items that need Fixing
Nothing discourages potential buyers more than seeing leaks, cracks, and damages around the house. Take some time to inspect your home for such repairs and leave your house move-in ready for its future owners. It could mean less time on the market and a faster return on your investment.

With these 7 quick fixes, you’ll be halfway to selling your home! Work with an experienced Realtor like me, and be confident in knowing your home transaction is in good hands. It would be my pleasure to provide you with the best possible services and work with you to sell your home quickly.

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