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The Orlando Living® Club

I’m in the business of helping amazing individuals live out extraordinary lives. This process will always start with the real estate transaction as I connect buyers with their ideal homes and help sellers accomplish their goals. For those who have worked with me in the past, you have access to my personal line for open channels of communication and a level of service beyond that of a regular real estate agent. The Orlando Living® Club is an initiative I began to take this service a step further!

I take pride in forming long-lasting relationships with my clients that extend beyond the real estate transaction. Whether that’s suggesting a good place to eat, answering questions on current market trends, referring you to other professionals for services, or just grabbing a cup of coffee to catch up, I wanted to be a community resource for locals and investors who want to stay connected in the Orlando community. Think of me as a lifestyle advisor, connecting you to the professionals that help provide you with the lifestyle you deserve! That’s where there Orlando Living® Club comes in.

Any past and future clients that buy or sell their homes with me are inducted into the Orlando Living® Club with access to member benefits like no other! By being a member, you become a part of a national community of proud Orlando homeowners who have seen the value of investing in the City Beautiful.

Membership Card
Orlando Living™ Membership Card
  • A membership card allowing discounts in select major retailers, movie theaters, etc.
  • Subscription to American Lifestyle Magazine
  • Automatic entry into my annual Cruise Sweepstakes
  • Annual home value update report
  • Semi-annual giveaways
  • Access to my Lifestyle Referral Network
  • New benefits added throughout the years!


As the Orlando Living™ Club grows and thrives, members can also expect invitations to exclusive networking events and the opportunity to meet other members and Lifestyle partners to grow their personal network.

I’ve always wished to work in a business where I could make a difference in the world. As I further down my career, I realize this goal can only be done with the help of others. So as you enjoy the countless benefits of the Orlando Living™ Club, help me make a difference in the world of others! Together we can create a community of homeowners and lifestyle partners who help each other make life in Orlando a little bit sweeter.

Welcome to the Orlando Living® Club!


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    Mitchell Freitas

    Mitchell Freitas

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    7600 Dr Phillips Blvd #32, Orlando, FL 32819